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- Finally! I got around actually writing my blog that I have planned for so many years! Visit my blog HERE!

- For the first time, I will be in an all Filipino project! I am playing the role of Giselle with the talented Lydia Gaston and Ethan Tampus for an exciting new play for the Samuel French Play Festival! written by Nicholas Pilapil, Directed by Nicholas Polonio

- Eva's Gabriel, the short film I have created with my talented colleague, Buali Shah has been nominated as best short in several film festivals and has won Best Cast Ensemble at the New York International Film Awards!




TARAB Trailer

I am a Co-star  and Co-producer for the film TARAB, a film written and starred by Maria Michaels as well as Karen Gorney, is now in the film festival circuit and has won several awards! I play the role of Laura, the lead's close friend.

Click the image below for our trailer!

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